Winter Care for Mommy To Be..!!

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Winter Care for Mommy To Be..!!

In a country like India, winter and cold weather are considered to be fabulous and always welcomed happily. Along with this, a pregnant woman has numerous questions and worries in regard to the baby in her womb and precautions during the cold season. These concerns are worthwhile, as, it is noticed that, the immune system is a little suppressed during winter and pregnant ladies can catch various infections that may last longer. If you are a mother-to-be, then you should be extra vigilant during this season. You can go to a gynecology hospital and consult with one of the best gynae doctor in Chandigarh.

gynaecology hospital

Necessary Actions and Precautions:

Increase Water Intake: The skin stretches during pregnancy and sometimes it may cause itching. Taking bath with warm/hot water creates more dryness. Adequate water intake helps to hydrate the body from within and keep your skin moisturized. By consuming enough liquid in addition to the external application of moisturizer cream will help you to keep your skin intact and smooth. One more thing that is advisable is to drink lukewarm water, 4-5 times a day, if possible. To know the exact water intake requirement, you can consult with the best Gynecologist in Mohali in Grecian Superspecialty Hospital.

Wear Appropriate Footwear: This is a very important thing to do. A pregnant lady should always wear appropriate and comfortable footwear preferably shoes, considering that it would not only save you from cold weather but also help you to avoid getting slipped if there is snowfall or rain.

Limit Outdoor Visits: Try to stay at home as much as it is possible for you. Even if, you are following all precaution well, a small negligence may impact the health of your baby. Avoid going to a walk on a windy day or when it is raining. Always wear warm comfy appropriate clothes before going outside.

Avoid Wearing tight clothes: A pregnant woman should always wear warm soft and snugly clothes for all this season. During winter, she must be extra careful in regard to clothing. If the season is being extra cold or windy, wearing clothes in multiple layers is also a very good idea for pregnant working women for winter who have to go out for jobs.

Get necessary vaccination: Blood flow through the fine capillaries around nasal sinuses generally got increased during the cold season. Hence, people feel more congested and experience heaviness in the forehead. Sometimes severe colds may lead to body ache, fever, and headache and if left untreated then may cause pneumonia. It is generally recommended for pregnant women to take T dap vaccine (influenza, diphtheria and tetanus) ) during the last trimester of pregnancy(after a complete check-up of a patient in a gynecology hospital). It is beneficial for both the mother as well as the newborn baby. Also, keeping the scenario of last couple of years in mind, one should be done taking Covid vaccination before conception or even during pregnancy.

Use Mask: In winters, there is more air pollution due to heavy air pressure and bacteria/ viruses are also more prevalent in this season. Always use a mask whenever you are going outside. This will not only save you from catching cold from chilled weather but also keep you away from infections in the air.


Do breathing exercises regularly, take lukewarm water, eat Vitamin C rich food or you can take vitamin supplements too. Infection-prone or allergic women may also use saline nasal drops to avoid dryness of nostrils in cold weather.

If you catch cold by any chance, visit a gynecology hospital and consult with one of the best gynae doctor in Chandigarh. Avoid sneezing and blowing your nose as it creates pressure over the gravid (pregnant) uterus. Frequent coughing may sometimes lead to leakage of water bag, which is very risky for the baby, and can cause preterm delivery. So, you should maintain adequate cleanliness and wash your hands regularly. In order to grow your immunity eat a balanced diet that has, veggies and fruits and take all your flu shots.

Stay blessed, keep in touch with the gynecology hospital and enjoy your pregnancy in all seasons and don’t forget to follow the above precautions for best health of you and your baby.

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