Visit Your Gynecologist and Stay Aware about your Reproductive Health

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Visit Your Gynecologist and Stay Aware about your Reproductive Health

Women are often considered as the epitome of care as they use to take good care of others in different roles, and being considerate for family make them more likely to neglect their own health. So this is very important that they should be aware of their reproductive health, because females are the pillars of society. We, Grecian Superspecialty Hospital Mohali, have best Gynecologist in Mohali, who can help you in achieving optimum health.

Who is a Gynecologist and Obstetrician?

Before going further, we first need to understand the roles of a Gynae. The Obstetrician is primarily supposed to provide care to pregnant women throughout their gestation or childbearing period. On the other hand, the Gynecologist is a concerned person for all general female disorders.

This is a well-known fact that prevention is better than cure. Gynecologists and obstetricians get intensive medical training on the female reproductive system. As it is explained earlier too, Obstetricians provide maternal and prenatal care. They also direct in the delivery of the newborn baby. The gynecologist is supposed to help women to be more capable and comfortable bearing the child. Once the woman is previously pregnant, she may then be referred to an obstetrician for further care and intervention.

Females who want to conceive a baby may also work intimately with gynecologists, especially to avoid certain conditions that can create infertility. These ailments include the occurrence of immature eggs, Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), and endometriosis which are very common these days. Even if the woman is already pregnant, an OB-GYN can provide the necessary maternal care to help the mother-to-be to carry the baby to full term, prepare for childbirth, and ultimately deliver a healthy baby, with their previous experience.

Is this the Time to Visit a Gynecologist?

There is no such time in life when you should start going to a Gynae, but yes, you must be aware whenever the need arises. Ideally, all teenage girls should start visiting a Gynecologist occasionally as soon as they reach puberty so that early diagnosis and precautionary care can be provided.

According to a study conducted in India, it was noticed that 92% of women were suffering from one or more Gynecological diseases and only 8% of them seek consultation or treatment. This is a case of clear negligence.

So, we recommend you to visit a Gynecologist, even if you are not having any symptoms so that you can escape the risks of fatal consequences ahead.

What are the most common Gynecology problems?

In today’s era, we are not having balanced diet and enough physical activities. As a result, women are suffering from numerous gynecological disorders, be it Generally irregular menstrual cycles, painful monthly cramps along with prolonged bleeding, or other specified disorders like menstrual disorders, uterine fibroids, cervical dysplasia, pelvic floor prolapse, PCOD or PCOS, etc.

Many women face problems in conception or even during pregnancy, there are some unusual changes occur that are not very favorable for both mother and child. Followed by this, there are various complications during the postpartum period too.


Expert Advice

Lastly, we are here to ensure that you have an optimal health status. There are multiple reasons to realize the importance of gynecologists in a women’s life at different points of life. They play a vital role in every women’s life. If you feel any discomfort regarding your reproductive system, or you seek General awareness about a healthy female body, please book an appointment with the best Gynecologist in Mohali, available in Grecian Superspecialty Hospital. If you have questions about your health or you want to know the steps you can take before getting pregnant, or you need precautionary care please schedule a preconception counseling or preventive medicine appointment with our Gynecologist.

Other than this, you should have a well-balanced diet which consists of primarily iron, calcium and vitamin B6 & B12, daily exercise or any physical activity, strong mental health, maintain personal hygiene especially, the intimate hygiene, and most importantly, be mindful while choosing a suitable doctor for you.

Healthy women are the first step towards women empowerment, hence we wish you a good health, sound body and mind. Do not ignore even minor changes in your health, as you are the base of your family.

Stay healthy, happy and strong!!

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