Take Care of Your Kidneys

Take Care of Your Kidneys

Take Care of Your Kidneys

Take Care of Your Kidneys

Chronic kidney disease means long-lasting damage to your kidneys that can even get worse over a period of time. When the damage is continued for a long time without any medical intervention then eventually the kidneys stop working, it is called “kidney failure” or end-stage renal disease (ESRD). Kidney failure is highly dangerous and life-threatening and the patient has to be kept on dialysis or a kidney transplant can be an option. To stay safe from such fatal diseases, people should be aware of general precautions or you can simply consult with the best kidney specialist in Chandigarh in Grecian Superspeciality Hospital Mohali which is one of the best kidney hospital in Chandigarh.

There are generally five stages of kidney disease, which cause mild damage or may lead to complete kidney failure. Early Detection of kidney disease can save lives and will help to make the treatment a little easier and very safe for the patient.

Causes of Kidney Disease

Any individual can suffer from chronic kidney disease, although there are certain people who are more susceptible compared to others. High-risk individuals are those who also have:-


Heart Disease

High Blood Pressure or Hypertension

Family history of kidney disease

In particular, people over the age of 60 are more likely to develop kidney disease and should be more attentive if any signs and symptoms arise.

Symptoms of Kidney Disease

Early symptoms include Tiredness, lack of energy, and difficulty concentrating, Difficulty sleeping, Dry and itchy skin, Frequent urination (or infrequent urination), Bloody or foamy urine, Puffy eyes, Swollen ankles, Muscle cramps, Loss of appetite, Nausea or vomiting.

Symptoms of full kidney failure include Abdominal and Back pain, Diarrhea, Fever, Rash, and Nosebleeds.

If any of the aforementioned symptoms arise, you can visit a kidney hospital in Chandigarh and consult with the best kidney specialist in Chandigarh.

Importance of Chronic Kidney Disease Diagnosis

Early Detection of kidney disease can be helpful to save lives and help the doctor to plan more comfortable, less invasive treatment for the patients. Going for routine screening tests or timely consulting with your doctor about your symptoms can be a crucial point for detecting early-stage kidney disease and taking suitable action in time. You can consult with the best kidney doctor in Chandigarh in Grecian Superspeciality Hospital Mohali.

Chronic Kidney Disease Diagnostic Evaluation

The Nephrologist can diagnose kidney disease with the help of a number of non-invasive or minimally-invasive diagnostic tests, such as:-

A blood test determines whether there is an increased level of creatinine, a waste product, in the blood which indicates Kidney disease.

Urine test shows raised Albumin level which is a protein that shouldn’t be found in urine, it indicates kidney function problems.

Ultrasound shows any physiological changes in the structure of the kidneys.

Your doctor may also recommend a CT scan to assess a clear picture of the kidneys and urinary tract to find out any kidney or urinary tract structural problems. By these tests, nephrologists can determine any issues like a kidney stone or tumor. To know more about the diagnosis, please consult with our kidney specialist in Chandigarh.

Management of Chronic Kidney Disease

Although, in most cases, the damage is permanent, but still there are a few ways to keep your kidneys healthy for a longer time and prevent the damage from getting worse. You can meet our best nephrologist in Chandigarh to know about the management in detail. The Patients should be:

-Controlling blood sugar and diet for diabetic patients

-Maintaining healthy blood pressure through diet and lifestyle

-Exercising regularly (30-minutes per day)

-Limiting alcohol and tobacco use

-Maintaining a healthy weight

-Following a low-salt, low-fat diet

Along with all the above interventions, patients should take medicines to minimize bone problems, water/urine retention, maintain potassium levels, anemia, etc. In some of the patients, even after taking all necessary management actions, the kidneys stop working by the time. In this condition, the patient has to be kept on dialysis to remove waste products and excessive water from the body by artificial mechanisms.

The Final words

Chronic kidney disease is a common yet very serious health problem. The earlier damage is detected, the easier it will be to keep kidneys healthier and help the patient to recover. Talk to the best kidney specialist in Chandigarh in Grecian Superspeciality Hospital Mohali which is one of the best kidney hospital in Chandigarh, about any preexisting medical conditions or any early symptoms.

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