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First Aid for Heart Attack: What to do or not?

In the last two decades, heart attack emerged as a leading cause of death all over the world. More than 1 million people lost their live due to heart attack. It can happen to anyone, any time, and at any place. Most of the time, initial symptoms of heart attack are neglected by the people […]
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What is Trop-T test? How it is related to the heart?

The main purpose of performing the Troponin-T or Trop-T test is to determine the troponin levels in the blood. Basically, Troponin is a kind of protein found only in the heart muscle fibers involved in regulating muscle contraction. Troponin is absent in the bloodstream. But in the condition where heart muscles are injured, troponin gets […]
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Heart attack


The heart is the only body organ that functions 24*7, or we can say that the whole life span of an individual. The fist-sized heart doesn’t take any rest or sleep till the last breath of an individual.  The thing that the heart demands are proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits. But inactive lifestyle, poor […]
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