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reduce stress

Quick tips to reduce stress

Long working hours, poor nutrition intake, study burden, and numerous other factors are accountable for inducing stress. Some of these stress-inducing factors are preventable, while some are mandatory to survive in today’s world. Like you can’t leave your job, study and neglect family responsibilities. So, you need to learn about the tips that will assist […]
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Grecian Hospital

What is Beri Beri? Its Symptoms, Causes, & Treatment

Beri Beri or Beriberi is a life-threatening body disorder developed due to deficiency of vitamin B1 (thiamine). Thiamine is an important nutrient involved in several body functions, such as breaking down carbohydrates, conduction in nerve cells, and many others. Thiamine can be easily consumed through the diet. But prolonged consumption of low-thiamine foods can cause […]
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