Lung Cancer

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Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is a topmost killer among all cancers in males, both in India as well as the world. Smoking is a main predisposing factor along with pollution and occupational exposure. There are various types of lung cancers like small cell and nonsmall cell lung cancers. Small cell lung cancer is very aggressive with high mortality.

With smoking as a chief predisposing factor for lung cancer, there is a screening guideline for chronic smokers. Any individual who is of age 55-74 years, and is a chronic smoker (30 pack years) i.e. 30 years with smoking with 1 pack per day, should undergo annual low dose CT Chest testing. With screening, we may get persons with early diagnosis in an early stage, so the outcome will be much better and the intent of treatment will be curative. In metastatic lung cancer, extensive research is going on and many newer drugs like oral TKIs, Ramucirumab, Bevacizumab, Nivolumab, Pembrolizumab and many more chemotherapy options have been approved. Molecular testing is the backbone of treatment of metastatic carcinoma lung nowadays.

We should counsel our friends, family members, and colleagues to stop smoking if any, as its causative of not only lung cancer but almost all cancers in the human body. Second-hand smoking that is working or residing with a person while smoking is equally hazardous. Similarly, third hand smoking that working or residing at a place where objects are contaminated with smoke is also hazardous. So we should stop smoking in totality and also counsel and help our peers and family members in smoking cessation.

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