Harmful Effects Of Air Conditioners

Harmful Effects Of Air Conditioners

Harmful Effects Of Air Conditioners

How addicted are you to your air conditioner? If you can’t survive without the cold air of an air conditioner come rain or shine, your health might be at risk. As much as air conditioners are a boon during extremely hot and humid weathers, long term exposure to them can have harmful effects on us. Check these out:

Dry skin – To begin with, long hours spent in an air conditioned room can cause your skin to lose its moisture and leave it dry. This can affect your scalp as well, leading to hair fall or dandruff. If you can’t get away from the air conditioner, make sure that you use enough moisturizers and oils for your skin and hair.

Muscle contractions – It is a well-known fact that muscles contract at cold temperatures. Too much exposure to the cold air can leave your muscles stiff. If you work in an air conditioned environment, try to take a break every few hours and warm up or practice stretching exercises.

Air-borne infections – For people who are allergic to dust or fungi, airborne infections can be a risk. Also, if you work in a closed room and if your colleague has a cold/cough, the chances that you might get it can be high, thanks to the air conditioner. If your room is not well-cleaned and sanitized, ensure that you do so. A vacuum cleaner would help greatly.

Respiratory problems – Our mucous membrane, which is highly sensitive, can get irritated by breathing cold air on a regular basis. This can lead to respiratory problems. Try using nasal drops in case you develop serious congestion.

Fatigue & headaches – It has been observed that people who are exposed to lower temperatures are more prone to headaches and fatigue.

Eye conditions – If you have a contagious eye condition like conjunctivitis, stay away from the AC. Also people who wear contact lenses should be extra careful of dry eyes and should use natural tears eye drops.

Noise – Lastly, ACs that make a lot of noise can corrupt your idea of silence and peaceful work. Thanks to the constant humming of the machine, one can feel irritated or anxious due to the background noise.

While one can’t completely avoid air conditioners as they are omnipresent in our daily lives, one should try and take frequent breaks. Warm up exercises and moisturizers can help too.

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