First aid if Holi colors get into Eyes, Ears or Mouth

First aid for holi colors

First aid if Holi colors get into Eyes, Ears or Mouth

Festival of Colors, Holi is full of spreading joy and happiness with each other. In this, people apply different types of colors to each other’s faces or whole bodies. On this day, some use colors of very low quality, while some use high-quality colors. 

The poor quality colors consist of many chemicals which may harm the skin. The situation gets worse if these colors mistakenly get into the eyes, ears, or mouth. So, know about the steps you will do first to avoid any unwanted conditions. In such conditions, the victim should be very careful and do a few steps to remove the color from delicate body parts.

For eyes

If the color gets into your eyes:

  1. Wash eyes with normal water till you begin to feel relief
  2. Don’t use excessive hot or cold water
  3. Don’t rub your eyes with your hands as it may become more trouble making
  4. If washing eyes don’t help you to get relief, immediately visit a hospital

For ears

Dry color can easily get into the ears. Follow the given steps if this happens:

  1. Tilt your head and shake the ear to remove color to a great extent
  2. Use an ear-bud to remove the remaining color from the ears

For mouth

  1. Gargle your mouth immediately if dry as well as wet color enters your mouth 
  2. Make sure the color will not go inside your mouth 
  3. Spit all the color and clean the mouth with water 
  4. Don’t eat or drink anything at the moment
  5. Later on, use warm water or mouthwash

Other Safety Tips for playing Safe Holi

  1. Use safe and natural colors
  2. Apply oil to your whole body before playing with colors
  3. You can wear sunglasses to avoid getting color inside the eyes
  4. Wash your hands before eating something
  5. Keep clean water nearby
  6. Don’t stay in wet clothes for a long duration
  7. Avoid over-consumption of sweets
  8. Avoid artificial and poor quality colors

For any serious issue or you feel itching or harshness on any part of the body, it is advised to meet a doctor. Medical treatment may aid you in getting relief. 

You can call at, 62837-05192 for consulting a health expert. Our health expert will assist you in staying safe from the side effects of Holi colors.

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