First Aid for Heart Attack: What to do or not?

heart attack

First Aid for Heart Attack: What to do or not?

In the last two decades, heart attack emerged as a leading cause of death all over the world. More than 1 million people lost their live due to heart attack. It can happen to anyone, any time, and at any place. Most of the time, initial symptoms of heart attack are neglected by the people due to lack of awareness and when the condition becomes severe, sometimes it results in death.

So, to save the patient’s life, we should know the first aid tips that could be given to the individual suffering from a heart attack. Your alertness may save the victim’s life from a deadly heart attack.  

How to know if it is a Heart Attack ?

If the one complaints of chest pain discomfort along with the lines of pressure, sweating, severe pain in body parts such as back, both arms (most probably the left one), nausea, and light-headedness simultaneously, he might be diagnosed with a heart attack. 

What to do if a Heart Attack occurs?

When a heart attack occurs, you should follow the given steps:

  1. Stay calm and lie down the victim on the ground
  2. Loosen the victim’s clothing
  3. Look for medical help at a nearby hospital or call an ambulance
  4. Start Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) if the patient becomes unconscious 
  5. Give chewable aspirin tablet to the patient (avoid if aspirin is allergic to the patient)

Things to avoid if a Heart Attack occurs

At any condition, don’t do the following things when giving first aid to the heart attack sufferer:

  1. Leave the sufferer unattended  
  2. Panic 
  3. Ignore the symptoms by assuming them of acidity or gas
  4. Let the person walk or run 

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