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Dr. Navdeep Garg

Consultant Gastroenterology
Department of Gastroenterology
Grecian Super Specialty Hospital 


Dr Navdeep Garg has 15 + years of experience in treating various life-threatening conditions pertaining to the liver and digestive tract like acute liver failure, alcoholic liver disease, chronic hepatitis B & C, acute Pancreatitis, etc

Medical Qualifications

DNB Gastroenterology from Pushpawati Singhania Research Institute,
New Delhi

MD Medicine form Army Hospital R & R, New Delhi

SSC in Army Medical Corps.

MBBS from GGS Medical College Faridkot, BFUHS

Specialization and Expertise

Laparoscopic & Thoracoscopic Oesophagectomies, Transthoracic Oesophagectomy

Breast Conserving Surgeries with reconstruction (LD Flap) /MRM)

Composite resection of Head & Neck, Radical Neck Dissection, Maxillectomy, Hemiglossectomy, Total Glossectomy, Mandible resection & Flap Reconstruction (Temporalis/ PMMC/Forehead/ Nasolabial Flap/ DP flap)

Radical Cholecystectomy, Liver Resection, Hepatectomy (R&L)

Total Laryngectomy/ Total Thyroidectomy

Whipples Surgeries/ Distal Pancreatectomy

Lung Wedge Resection / Lobectomy/Pneumectomy/Metastasectomy

Laparoscopic/Open Colorectal Surgeries/ APR/LAR, IPAA, J Pouch

Laparoscopic/Open Nepherectomy/ IVC Thrombectomy

Radical Cystectomy with ileal conduit / neo bladder reconstruction

Total Penectomy with Groin Dissection

Laparoscopic/Open Wertheim’s /Hysterectomy

Retroperitoneal Tumour & lymph Node Dissection/ Pelvic lymph Node Dissection

Assisted Microvascular Surgeries- Radial Free Flap/ Fibular Free Flap/ Bone Grafting

Awards and Certificates

Commissioned in AMC by President of India

Paper presentation in API on Thoracoscopic Pleural Biopsy

Certificates of participation in ISGCON 2018

Certificate of Participation in Annual Scientific meeting by INASL

Certificate of participation in 2nd International conference
on Ascites 2019

Life Memberships

IMA (Indian Medical association)

Punjab representative of ANBAI (Association of National Board Accredited Institutions.

Fellow of ACG (Pursuing) – American College Of Gastroenterology