Arthroscopy:- Modern and Effective technique to Relieve Knee pain and Other conditions


Arthroscopy:- Modern and Effective technique to Relieve Knee pain and Other conditions

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In modern practice, Knee arthroscopy is considered to be one of the safest orthopedic surgical procedures. It is helpful for surgeons to make a precise diagnosis and to perform certain types of minor repairs to the knee joint, such as removing tiny shards of the affected bone or smoothing out injured cartilage.

Here, you will get to know how arthroscopic surgery works, particularly on the joints like the Shoulder, Knee, Ankle, Elbow, Hip, and Wrist and where you can find lasting relief from your pain.

A Brief Introduction to Arthroscopy

It does not matter how old a person is, joint injuries and problems are a very usual occurrence. Generally, doctors used to give an incision through the large areas of your tissues to access the joint in order to make a diagnosis or determine treatment. However, advancements in surgery have introduced us to the Arthroscope which is a narrow tube with a system of lenses, that contains a small video camera, and light to visualize. This technique has enabled doctors to diagnose and treat joint problems with minimal incision.

In case you are facing any joint problem and looking for a suitable diagnosis and treatment, then you should visit our orthopedic doctor in Mohali and choose arthroscopy as the best suitable procedure to diagnose and treat joint pain.

In joint arthroscopy the orthopedic surgeon inserts a thin instrument, the arthroscope into the joint with a small incision. There is a mini fiber optic camera on the device which provides an inside view of the joint and displays it on a monitor attached to it so that the surgeon can view the condition of the joint simultaneously while sitting in the operator room.

These video images guide the practitioner to mark an accurate diagnosis, the fundamental reason for your joint pain and, if deemed applicable, perform a minimal surgical procedure as necessary. As soon as the repairs are done, the orthopedic doctor stitches the wounds and applies a bandage over them.

Relief from Knee Pain  with Arthroscopy

Numerous knee pain conditions can be relieved through arthroscopic procedures. The orthopedic doctor may recommend you arthroscopic surgery if you are suffering from torn meniscus (torn cartilage), soft-tissue injuries like patellar tendonitis (inflammation of the knee-cap tendon), Synovitis(inflammation of the synovial lubricating tissue in the knee, torn ACL (torn anterior cruciate ligament) or bursitis (inflammation of a bursa around the knee), Carpal tunnel syndrome, Hairline fracture in a bone in the knee, minimal damage to the knee joint cartilage (however, arthroscopy do not work for arthritis), Ganglion cyst, Loose bone fragments in all major joints of a human body (like wrist, shoulder, elbow, knee, and ankle), Injury or tearing of cartilage cushion (chondromalacia), Frozen shoulder, etc.

Presently, there is a set of surgical treatments that can be performed through arthroscopic surgery, which includes Meniscus repair, Meniscectomy (removal of a portion of meniscus cartilage)ACL reconstruction, Cartilage transfer, etc.

How helpful Arthroscopic Surgery is?

As it is explained before, this is a less-invasive procedure as compared to other traditional open surgery. Also, Arthroscopy most commonly has a much shorter recovery time because there is lesser tissue to heal. Since only a small incision is required, the surgical wounds are less likely to get infected, and they will heal relatively quickly.

Since arthroscopic surgery requires only minor one or two incisions compared to open surgery, it is advantageous to patients with minimal blood loss and scarring, shorter hospital stays and faster recovery as less tissue is damaged, lesser reliance on medications, and most importantly very less pain, during and after the procedure.


Treatment for Knee Pain in Mohali

These days, Knee arthroscopy is considered to be the most righteous treatment for knee pain. If you’re looking for a long-lasting solution and won’t get rid of your knee pain permanently, our medical team of Orthopedics is here for you.

We have convenient locations in the city and you will have the best orthopedic doctors in Mohali, only in our renowned hospital. Our dedicated team of board-certified specialists takes pride to provide exceptional orthopedic services and personalized quality care to help you regain your active lifestyle that too with lesser pain or no pain at all anymore.

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